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RAVE® created the Aqua Jump® Eclipse™ in response to consumer input. Our customers asked us for a lighter weight product that was easier to set up, take down, and store in the off season. As a result, we developed the first and only barless water trampoline ... the Eclipse®!

Compared to competitors' water trampolines, the Eclipse™ offers more square footage of jump surface because the frame is removed, while also creating a safer environment.

 work to set-up. 


Combine the Spin Wheel with a Bongo™ 13 water bouncer to create a spinning running track for added fun that will last all day! The Spin Wheel swivels around a Bongo™ 13 water bouncer, where adult supervisors can keep an eye on the action. Make it a game of rapidly changing directions, and everyone will be testing their balance to see who can stay on the longest! Constructed of heavy-duty non-slip drop-stitch durable vinyl, the running track's low profile is easy to set up and will provide endless entertainment for groups of campers or individuals.


The Whoosh 15' floating water mat provides fun for all ages! Comparable to the lilypad. This splash pad can be used as a "slip 'n slide" on the water, a water ski or wakeboard starting platform, a relaxing hang out on hot days ... or anything else your imagination creates! The inflatable mat can also be attached to many RAVE Sports inflatable products for added adventure. Constructed from extremely durable, yet flexible commercial grade, durable drop-stitch material, the Whoosh is built to last. The Whoosh includes a hand pump and is quick and easy to inflate, and folds up compact for easy portability and storage. With a Whoosh onbonard, there's no need to lug around those heavy foam mats on the boat anymore! 

*Connecting to Bongo 15 or 20 units requires adaptor item #02474, sold separately.

Inflated size: 15' x 5' x 3"

Users: 6 Adults or 11 Children 

Max Weight: 1100 lbs


  • Aqua Slide (Small or Large) 

  • Aqua Launch 

  • Aqua Log (Small or Large)

  • Walk the Plank


  • High Speed Inflator/Deflator

  • Anchor Connector Kit

Need additional Parts or Repair Materials?

Just let us know and we can help!


Designed for multiple bouncers and volleyball play on the water, this piece is a floating court with a serious sport attitude. The pace is fast and fun and is perfect for users who are up for a friendly game of volleyball. There are also 2 convenient PVC pockets for storing all of your gear. This court piece can be used as a stand-alone item, or connected to any aquapark system using the 5 D-Ring Interloc system on 2 sides.

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