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Have a WaterBee Pedalboat & need parts?
We stock all parts for the WB200 & WB400 pedal boats - give us a call for a quote

Mirage Eclipse Dura Series

The Mirage Eclipse Dura series is Ideal for Resort & Rental use.  Step out at an easy glide on a Mirage Eclipse. Using a natural stepping motion, effortlessly power into a headwind or pick it up for an all-out sprint. The powerful underwater fins efficiently propel the Eclipse forward. There’s minimal setup. Go from the dock or a boat to the water in minutes. Ideal for cruising solo, with a partner or group excursions. The large EVA deckpad provides carefree, high-traction footing and comfortable cushioning for all-day endurance and increased durability. The fixed aluminum alloy handlebar enhances balance and stability. The ride is reassuringly solid. The board is lightweight and durable with features such as gear tie-downs, a carefree kick-up rudder, bow handles and option for side carry handles.



Aqua-Cycles are turning heads from Florida to California to Cape Cod and from Bora Bora to Hawaii to the Cayman Islands. Unique, fun, safe, and rugged are their trademarks. Made of tough Space Age Polymer (001polyethylene plastic) to withstand sun, rain, salt water, abrasions and rental abuse, Aqua-Cycles are found on beaches, bays and marinas where only rugged products can survive.



If you like water recreation, or cycling, you will love Hydrobikes Explorer®. With little effort you can maintain a cruising speed of 4-6 miles per hour, and you can accelerate up to 10 mph. Peace and quiet: Hydrobikes are engineered for silence. It won’t disturb wildlife habitats- or fishing holes. Strong, fast, and light: Hydrobikes pontoons were scientifically developed by a professional canoe designer for optimum buoyancy, speed, and maneuverability. That means you will have a smooth ride even in very choppy water. Steady and sturdy: Stable enough to dive from, Hydrobikes can also handle rough water conditions, including five foot ocean swells. Propeller-driven for the fastest performance: This is no slow paddle boat. The Hydrobike’s computer-designed propulsion system features a 90% efficient propeller which allows you to achieve cruise speeds of 4-6 mph with minimum
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