Clear Kayak

Innovex Caribe Clear Kayak
The Caribe is half sit-on-top kayak, half canoe, and all FUN!
The crystal clear hull of the Caribe provides a window to the underwater world. The clear modular hull and design is unrivaled in the kayak industry.  The Caribe comes standard with forward deck rigging, front bow drain, rear tie down cleats, and easy-grip handles.  
Caribe Water Caribe Kayak
Weight:    Kayak weight range varies depending upon configuration and options.  (bare boat weight is @ 63lbs)
Recommended paddler weight (combined): < 450 lbs.
Length: 12ft.  Width: 31 inches.

Colors: Assorted, Swirls, Splits

Innovex Atlantis Clear Kayak

Designed with smaller paddlers in mind, the Atlantis is nimble and responsive.  The Atlantis is best suited to persons five foot six inches and under, but can accommodate larger paddlers.  Standard features include a forward deck  bungee for easy to reach storage, front and rear easy-grip handles, forward drain plug, and rear deck cleats. Optional side handles, front and rear storage hatch and “cushy seats” are available.
Weight: 48 lbs.*   
Recommended paddler weight: < 200 lbs.
Length: 10ft.  Width: 28 inches.
Colors: Assorted, Swirls and Splits
Kayaks pictured may have optional accessories installed.  
Kayak weight range varies depending upon configuration and options.
Carrying capacity is dependent upon water conditions and weight distribution.
 AtlantisAction  atlantis

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